Multiple Yahoo Media Mentions for Cash Tech

May 13, 2021     1 minutes

Cash Tech gains mainstream recognition with multiple Yahoo media mentions

Cash Tech recently appeared in multiple Yahoo publications including Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Money. The widespread reporting comes shortly after Cash Tech released its whitepaper, detailing the features of its innovative wallet solution.

Cash Tech is aiming to address a wallet market that is inundated with wallets that have restricted features which are difficult to navigate. With a strong emphasis on UI/UX, Cash Tech is working towards being the most user friendly wallet solution on the market.

Cash Tech is moving from strength to strength as it approaches its highly anticipated product launch in August. The initial wallet release will include unique features like the ability to store and display NFTs from multiple blockchains.

The Yahoo media mentions help promote the Cash Tech solution to a wider audience of prospective users. Cash Tech has already built a community of prospective users that numbers in the tens of thousands. With mainstream news outlets like Bloomberg and Yahoo taking notice of the Cash Tech solution, the pool of potential users grows even larger!

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