Cash Tech Website Revamp

May 16, 2021     2 minutes

Cash Tech revamps website ahead of MVP wallet release in June

Cash Tech is launching a new and improved website. A major Cash Tech rebrand was recently rolled out ahead of the upcoming wallet launch in June. The revamped website is the final step of the rebranding process. The Cash Tech community can now enjoy consistent branding across all Cash Tech platforms and benefit from a user friendly design.

Cash Tech is a versatile multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to access the broad applications of cryptocurrency technology. To date, cryptocurrency wallet solutions have had limited functionality with poor designs. Cash Tech is changing this by launching a wallet with broad features that is designed to optimize user experience.

The new website will provide visitors with the latest information on the Cash Tech project. It will detail the primary features of the application while also highlighting the roadmap for the implementation of various features. Visitors will also be able to access the Cash Tech whitepaper from the website which provides more detailed research regarding the market potential of Cash Tech.

The website release comes ahead of the MVP wallet release in June. With the wallet release quickly approaching, Cash Tech has begun to attract major media attention. During the week, Cash tech was featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo, and Business Insider

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