Cash Tech Liquidity Mining Program

March 25, 2021     3 minutes

100,000 CATE tokens will be allocated monthly to liquidity providers in the CATE-ETH Uniswap Pool

Cash Tech has officially launched on Uniswap. The Cash Tech token (CATE) has been paired with Ethereum, allowing bidirectional trading between both assets on the biggest decentralized exchange by trading volume. CATE initially listed at a price of $2.08 and has since entered price discovery, with buyers and sellers actively trading the token.

To ensure seamless CATE trading in the Uniswap pool, Cash Tech is also launching a liquidity mining program with lucrative rewards for those who participate. 100,000 CATE will be rewarded monthly to those that provide liquidity to the CATE-ETH Uniswap pool.

Uniswap also allocates a 0.3% fee on the trading volume to liquidity providers, further increasing the rewards that CATE-ETH liquidity providers can earn. The 0.3% trading fee is allocated to liquidity providers, proportional to their share of liquidity in the pool.

To participate in the Cash Tech liquidity mining program, liquidity providers must whitelist their address and send their liquidity to the CATE-ETH pool on Uniswap. The rewards for the liquidity mining program are renewed on a monthly basis.

Eligibility criteria and liquidity mining specifications:

  • Allocating liquidity to the CATE-ETH pool requires sending an equal USD value of ETH and CATE to the pool.
  • Liquidity providers must initially have at least 1 ETH along with 1 ETH worth of CATE tokens to allocate to the pool
  • The liquidity mining rewards will be distributed pro rata to the liquidity providers share of the overall pool
  • If the liquidity is removed, any liquidity that is awaiting rewards will be disqualified
  • Liquidity providers must wait at least 30 days after allocating liquidity to receive rewards
  • At the end of each rewards period, the 100,000 rewards allocation is split proportionally among liquidity providers


  • Program participants must initially whitelist the Ethereum address where their CATE is held through the linked form here.
  • After whitelisting the address, visit the Uniswap “add liquidity” page for Cash Tech.
  • Specify the amount of CATE you wish to send to the liquidity pool. The minimum allocation is 1 ETH worth of CATE.
  • Confirm the liquidity by clicking “approve CATE”. Set a medium-to-high gas fee to ensure the transaction is processed
  • When the transaction is confirmed, click “Supply”. Once again, use a medium-to-high gas fee.

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