Cash Tech Goes Multichain

October 5, 2021     2 minutes

We have been working relentlessly to turn Cash Tech into a comprehensive multichain wallet solution that is easily usable by both cryptocurrency veterans and newcomers alike. We have recently surpassed a huge milestone on this journey with the integration of support for both BEP20 and Polygon-based tokens.

Both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain have become leading networks and in the world of decentralized technology. We prioritized integrating support for these chains as they become increasingly popular among digital asset holders. Cash Tech will always put the security and utility of our users first and we are thrilled to vastly broaden the amount of digital assets supported by our storage solution. Cash Tech users can now easily switch between Ethereum, Polygon, and the Binance Smart Chain from the wallet interface.

Moreover, Cash Tech is committed to becoming a comprehensive wallet solution. The wallet will evolve into an application that allows users to tap into far more than simply storing their assets. Cash Tech users will be able to access the broad DeFi possibilities which are available on all of the supported chains.

The new version of the application is supported on both the iOS and Android software. These versions can be downloaded from the links here and here. In addition to the increased support, the new version of the application includes several bug fixes, further optimizing the user experience and ensuring rigorous security.

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