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Cash Tech is DeFi as it’s meant to be. Take complete control over
your digital currencies. All within one app

Digital currencies are rarely used as they were originally intended. Holders infrequently transact and there are few opportunities to spend in the real-world. The world of digital currencies has become a global casino.

Simple and straightforward, Cash Tech makes it easy to spend and use digital currencies. Users can download the app and immediately spend and receive digital currencies.

Send and Receive Crypto .
Make crypto payments around the globe without an intermediary and no extra fees.
Sent from @John 0.0035 ETH
Receive by @Doe 0.0035 ETH
Store all your NFT's in one place
One place for all your digital assets.
Take full control of your cryptocurrencies and collectibles by storing them on your own device.
Multiblockchain Integration
One application. Multiple chains. A unified wallet for ETH, BNB, DOT, NEAR, SOL, and CELO.
Private and Secure
Industry-grade privacy and security. Bug-free with zero extra fees, Cash Tech is the epitome of crypto asset security.
Stake and earn. Stake CATE and participate in the most lucrative DeFi staking programs.
Tired of your assets sitting idle? Earn a return on your crypto assets by accessing the wider world of crypto lending.
Easily swap and trade between crypto assets. All the power of a DEX within a single application.
Participate in lucrative rewards initiatives. 50 million CATE are up for grabs.

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